2013 American Icon Art Competition

Congratulations to our 2013 winners!

Grand Prize of $1000

Roderick Stevens for the painting: American Wrap

First Prize of $500, Photography

Lee Rentz for the photograph: Mennonite Women at Flight 93 Memorial

First Prize of $500, Painting

Clem McCarthy for the painting, Fort Baker Flag

First Prize of $500, Celebratory

Troy Peterson for the photograph: Equinal Patriotism

Second Prize of $100 Photography

Phil Shaw for the photograph: Toddler Honors Great Grandfather
Lisa Kidd for the photograph: American Made

Second Prize of $100 Painting

Juliet Wood for the painting: Interdependence Flags

Worthy of Mention

Front Door by Susan Homes Schwartzbach
Salute by Mark Maryanovich
Fourth of July Parade by Liz Lyons Friedman
Where You Live by Cynthia Warren
Sailor Rest Your Oar by Suzanne Cochrane
Old Glory by Matthew Sievers
Classic Wooden Boats and American Flag by Hung Nguyen
What Is America? by George Utrilla
Why We Fight by Steve Taylor
Stars and Stripes by John White

Congratulations to our winners and also to all our participants.

All the images from the contest are now displayed in our galleries.